Friday, March 6, 2015

The Sandra Day O'Connor Series - Day 1

Inspiration for these quilts came from a hand dyed Carol Eaton fabric with a myriad of glorious colors. I completely stitched one piece of fabric and intended on making one quilt… and then decided to cut it into four pieces of artwork! The photos tell parts of the whole story, showing the development of four lovely flower gardens!

Although I did very little sketching, I did sketch the details of the large, abstract flowers. I had first envisioned pansies but I didn't like the way they stitched out. The abstract flowers I designed captured the large areas of color in the fabric.

The rest of the garden images flowed out of my imagination as I spontaneously stitched the fabric, following its many colors. I did not mark the quilt in order to allow creative expression while following the shades and shadows of the dyed fabric.